Youth Ministry

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Generation Next Youth Group

All students’ grades 6th -12th are welcome to join us for Generation Next

Our doors are open to all youth seeking answers and to all youth looking for ways to serve God. Any adult wishing to help is also welcome, because the future body of Christ needs influence, support and fellowship from godly examples who reach out with humble hearts.

We meet on Wednesdays in September through June from 6:00 pm till 8:00 pm.

A typical Wednesday night will consist of worship, Bible study, games, small group discussion and prayer.

Dinner will be provided.

Before your first time attending Youth Group at St. Bart's we ask that you please fill out the registration form. Click here to fill out the registration Form

Generation Next also go on fellowship and spiritual growth events outside of church such as, Lasertron, Escape Rooms, Airsoft, Retreats, Kingdom Bound, Christian Concerts, movies, and more.



Wednesday Evenings From September to June


6:00pm - 8:00pm


Liz Burkett

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