Transforming  Lives  Together

St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church was founded in 1955 not far from our current location. We are members of the Anglican Communion which has its roots in the Church of England and includes over 80 million members worldwide.

Although formally established in the 16th Century during the Protestant Reformation our beliefs and worship have remained the same since the days of the early church. It might be helpful to think of Anglicanism as a “middle way” between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. For more on our beliefs and practices, head over to the What is an Anglican? page.

Our parish is a member congregation of the International Diocese under the covering of the Anglican Church in North America

St. Bartholomew’s is on mission to see lives powerfully transformed through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is reflected in three essential values of ministry that define everything we do:

together we BELONG
In Christ we are shaped into a loving community where all people, regardless of their background, can belong. This is reflected in our commitment to liturgical worship. Through the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Sacraments we are transformed by the redeeming grace of Jesus.

together we EQUIP
The Bible is the authoritative Word of God that equips us to lead effective, fruitful lives. This is reflected in our commitment to faithful biblical teaching from godly leadership and in the nurturing of spiritual gifts in service to one another.

together we REACH
Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we demonstrate Christ’s love to our neighbors and the world. This is reflected in our commitment to compassionate outreach, prayer, and the sharing of the Gospel.